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Lincoln Envirotown Trust:

Taking responsibility for a sustainable future.

Lincoln Envirotown Trust is a charitable trust dedicated to fostering a community-owned process for sustainability in Lincoln. We started out as a sub-committee of the Lincoln Community Committee.

We work with the community, for the community, in partnership with Selwyn District Council, Lincoln University, Landcare Research, Waihora Ellesmere Trust, Environment Canterbury, Plant&Food Research, local schools, businesses and other organisations to find solutions to projected growth and associated environmental issues. We have a community sustainability action plan.



To promote the long term environmental sustainability of Lincoln Township and the Selwyn District with the understanding that this is also the basis for social, cultural and economic sustainability in the future.
To educate about and raise awareness of environmental sustainability issues and to provide information about how to achieve environmental sustainability.
To provide appropriate opportunities for personal and community decision making to ensure that the environmental, social, cultural and economic sustainability of the Lincoln Township is promoted.
To act as a role model for other communities wanting to progress towards environmental sustainability.


Our Story:

The idea of Lincoln Envirotown first came up in April 2005 from Dr Sue Jarvis and Prof. Ian Spellerberg.
The idea took root, and by July 2006 the Trust had been created and officially launched. Lincoln Envirotown Trust started out with a $125,000 grant from the Sustainable Management Fund, which allowed it to start a year's worth of various projects, events and workshops. These projects included a State-of-the-Town report, planting native vegetation, educational workshops and courses for adults and children, public and private consultation sessions, a sustainability centre, a local "Zero Waste Street Challenge", and more. Today more and more people are becoming involved. The Trust will continue being active in promoting sustainable actions, providing education for sustainability, as well as encouraging and helping other communities to progress towards sustainability.

We help other communities to set up their own enviro groups aiming to foster environmental sustainability. By 2015 we had helped eight other communities set up groups. We also provide resources, speakers and a number of programmes to promote sustainability such as the Responsible Business Awards.

If you would like more information, or would like our monthly newsletter please contact Dave Fitzjohn on 03 423 04445 or email projectmanagerlet@gmail.com.


Lincoln Envirotown provides many services for individuals, businesses and community groups, whether you live or work in Lincoln or in other areas of Selwyn, or beyond. Some of these are listed below. If there is a service you are interested in which is not listed please contact Dave Fitzjohn on 03 423 0445 or email projectmanagerlet@gmail.com.



• Our stall at the Lincoln Community Market provides information and resources to help people make more sustainable choices. It is open      on Saturdays between 9am and 12pm and is located next to the Lincoln Library.

Community garden – This is available for community groups, individuals or businesses. It provides a sharing of skills, so come to learn     and come to share what you know or come just to enjoy. It is located  behind the Lincoln Maternity hospital. The Community  Garden         Coordinator is Ruth Wood (ruth.wood@xtra.co.nz). Ruth welcomes visitors, both groups and individuals, to the Garden, and she is keen to   provide opportunities for hands-on involvement for anyone who is interested.

• Organic growing project – plots available on the Biological Husbandry Unit at Lincoln University. There is a waiting list for these. Let us        know if you are interested. 

• Energy efficiency workshops – Bus tours of energy efficient homes can be organised. There is a LET subcommittee that organises             anything to do with energy efficiency – feel free to join it. We are also investigating feasibility of alternative electricity generation in the     Lincoln area.

• Want to see which of your appliances uses the most power? We can lend you a centameter which will give you this information.

• Sustainable living courses – these are run periodically.

• Composting workshops – these are run periodically.

• Education – We organise activities for children for example our Kidsfest craft morning. Contact Dave on 03 423 0445 or email                   projectmanagerlet@gmail.com

• Native planting guide - We have produced a guide to help you decide what native plants are suitable for your garden. This is available       from Lincoln Library and our stall at the Lincoln Community Market.

• Junk Mail? Don’t want junk mail, but want the local papers? We have just the mail box sticker for you! These can be picked up for a gold     coin donation from the Lincoln library or our stall at the Lincoln Community Market.

• We can connect you with experts in many areas of sustainability if you need to know more about any particular topic.Carpool and           reduce your impact on the planet!  Carpool and have a better trip. You will meet people, save money, reduce your carbon footprint.  If       you don't have anyone to carpool with then try the Selwyn Timebank.   

• Mahoe Reserve - if you would like to be involved in planting or caring for the plants, please contact us.

• Building or renovating? We can provide links and information on how to do this sustainably.

Resources and information – available on this web site.

Newsletter – provides information about past and future events. This is available on our web site or you can contact us to get it hot off       the press by email.



• Lincoln Envirotown can provide free help and support to other Selwyn communities wishing to be more sustainable.

• Speakers - we can supply a speaker for your meeting or event.

Community garden – this is available for community groups, individuals or businesses. It is located behind the Lincoln Maternity hospital.

• Community water quality testing of local streams – we organise this regularly for the Liffey stream. Let us know if your would like to be involved, or if you live somewhere else in the Selwyn area and you would like to arrange for your community group to have help to test your local waterway for pollution, indicator organisms etc.

• We organise community cleanup mornings for the local Liffey Reserve. Let us know if you would like to be involved.

• We arrange workshops, seminars, discussion groups and other events with a sustainability theme. If you have any ideas on what you would like, please contact us.

• We encourage local land developers to use sustainability principles and encourage them to consult the community – contact us if you would like to know more.

• Zero waste street challenges – we have run these in Lincoln, if you are interested in one for your community, contact us.


• Responsible Business Award – This is a three tiered award that provides encouragement and promotes businesses that demonstrate sustainable practices in Selwyn. Contact us if you would like to know more.

Community garden – This is available for community groups, individuals or businesses. Businesses are welcomed to be involved and/or be a sponsor. It is located behind the Lincoln Maternity hospital.

• We aim to promote Lincoln businesses and to encourage people to shop locally – please contact us if we can work more closely with you.

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