The Lincoln Envirotown Trust (LET) has considered education and the provision of reliable information a high priority so that people can make responsible decisions about their life styles and also to bring about real change in peoples behaviour to reduce the negative impact on the planet. We encourage people to put theory into Action. We also consider that the education of children is of highest importance, as, after all, they will inherit state of our planet that we leave them.

What Lincoln Envirotown does:

General Education:

We provide seminars, workshops, discussion groups, large events (such as the Energyblitz in 2008 and the Bioblitz in April 2009) and other educational opportunities on topics related to reducing our ecological footprint. We have also run Sustainable Living Courses. We provide hands-on education about producing our own healthy food at our Community garden and to certain extent information about producing organic food at our Organic farm in conjunction with the Biological Husbandry Unit situated at Lincoln University.

We have run many Energy Homes bus tours to people’s homes where they have been putting energy saving or energy generation ideas into practice. We have also run a native garden tour of people’s gardens as well as composting a workshop and tour of examples. Many of these could run again if there were enough people interested. Informati0on about these events and many other events will be in the back issues of our newsletters.

We have run Zerowaste Street Challenges, which include an education component and also run a Responsible Business Award Scheme for businesses throughout Selwyn.

We have a number of sub-groups or individuals who concentrate on various parts of our sustainable action plan and other related areas. If you are interested in joining any of these or forming a new one, let us know.

Energy Blitz

Bio Blitz
We provide information and links on our web site for you to find the information you need and we also have many contacts with experts so if you can’t find what you want to know or would like to talk with a an expert or would like us to put on a seminar or a workshop please contact us.
Education of the younger members of our community:

We run an Envirokids club which generally meets once a month and also holiday activities for children which are advertised in the Selwyn District Council “Council Call” pages in the local papers. These are designed to be fun while having an underlying theme of environmental sustainability. We encourage children to make links with their local environment and to take action.

We aim to follow the:

NZ Curriculum Framework for effective Environmental education

Enviro Kids
• awareness and sensitivity to the environment and related issues;
• knowledge and understanding of the environment and the impact of people on it;
• attitudes and values that reflect feelings of concern for the environment;
• skills involved in identifying, investigating, and problem solving associated with environmental issues;
• a sense of responsibility through participation and action, as individuals or members of groups, whanau, or iwi, in addressing environmental issues.