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“Enviro Ellesmere” encompasses the larger area of Leeston, Dunsandel, Southbridge and Doyleston and the surrounding rural community. The group is interested in supporting what people value about living in the Ellesmere area: support from neighbours, country living, life style, diverse community, small community feeling, safety, good water supply, and space.  As well as promoting sustainability, education and environmental responsibility.

  Our updated “Action Plan”:

Water: drinking, irrigation, streams/rivers/lake. Transport: cycle ways, bus service needed, carpooling, walking, safety, encourage local businesses, live and work locally, reduce trips to town. Reduce Waste: Recycling – what happens to it, Ewaste, Green garden waste - too far to take garden rubbish to Rolleston, need a local disposal site, have a “swap day/week” for larger items that other people might use, anything left over, collected to be recycled. Native Biodiversity:  Help existing community groups with their planting. Local Food Security: Plant fruit trees.  Communication: The importance of good communication was discussed. Events: Encourage community envolvement in fun and beneficial activities and events.

Next Meeting: TBA November 2013, 7.30pm at Leeston Hillyer's cafe. Please come and contribute your views.

For more information contact Linda on lj_hermiston@hotmail.com or Ingrid 0221271577 ingocole@gmail.com



Enviro Ellesmere Hosts Sculpture Competition

Pictured at right winners of the 2014 outdoor recycled sculpture competition.

Overall winning sculptor, for "Church Gate," (pictured at right), Peter Lemon, inspired us all with his art and his message "I hate waste" Many of Peter's sculptures make use of hours of demolition to rescue reinforcing steel from inside structural concrete, including power poles. Peter says "A lot of my ideas come about through thinking up ideas to use the materials I have at hand. Most of the articles are made entirely from what I have collected and are usually things I need or can use myself. A lot of my workshop equipment I have also made myself." Peter Lemon also took away the best senior entry prize, as well, for "Hoop Iron and Harrows".


The goal of the initiative was to get innovative and creative ideas out in the open. Our area is rich with super-creative and clever people and an abundance of resources. Enviro Ellesmere wanted to see what people would come up with if encouraged.

Enviro Ellesmere were very grateful to receive support from a Creative Communities Arts grant. Many local businesses also donated prizes and support including RD1, Hornby Warehouse, Prebbleton Vege Fresh, Farmland Co-op Leeston, Curly's Last Post, John Summers, Leeston Hire Centre, Hammer Hardware, Baylis Bros Service Station and Subway Rolleston - many thanks to these generous supporters. Thanks also to the Leeston Library for their assistance.

The winners of the competition received prizes and certificates at the award ceremony in recognition of their ingenious recycled creati

Leeston SchoolLeeston Consolidated School - Room 1 won the best junior entry with their colourful piece named "Winter Garden", and the McCormick family won best team entry with their "Driftrod Birdfeeder". There were also prizes for recyclability (Rolleston Playcentre and Peter Lemon), ingenuity (McCormick Family and Peter Lemon), Artistic merit (Leeston Consolidated School - Room 1) and community spirit in design (Springston School - Eco Team's Recycled Sculpture Group). Check out the Enviro Ellesmere facebook page for pictures of the 2014 sculptures. They are very inspiring...


October 2013GEDC0001sm

A&P show at Leeston. over 100 people registered their support for cemetery Pit to be openned again. Like us (Enviro Ellesmere) on facebook and register your support.

September 2013LogoAward

Competition for logo design: winner presented with award at Ellesmere College.

August 2013 photo5

Tree planting at Leeston and Southbridge Schools.