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For information contact Jenny Duncan,   brickied@yahoo.com.au  phone: 329 6565 or 027 359 4426 or Eileen Devine-Smith aedevinesmith@xtra.co.nz phone: 03 3257949. This is a group started in October 2012 and its provisional aims are to:

Raise awareness of impact of people’s actions on the natural environment.   Work together with other groups.  Act as a hub. Lead by example.  Integrate ideas and put into practice Provide environmental  education across all generations.

If you would like to take part in developing this group,  and make a real difference, please make contact!

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 MEETING: Wednesday 16th April 7.30pm in Lounge Bar, at Tai Tapu Hotel.

Recent News

Earth Hour - March 2014

Scrap Metal Recycling

Ladbrooks school offer local metal recycling. Many local people are unaware of the recycling metal skip or recycling can cage at the school. It would be great to see community members taking advantage of this local service and supporting local schools in sustainability.

Thanks go to Sean Bailey (Principle) and Frana Bain (Leader of Nature Ninjas) who coordinate the Ladbrooks scrap metal recycling scheme, Your efforts are really appreciated.

scrap metal 006

October 2013

 Tai Tapu visit to Dennis Chapman's "castle" . Details will be in the next newsletter

Sue went on an interesting visit on Tuesday 15th October with about 35 others to the Chapman "Castle" in Tai Tapu, arranged by Tai Tapu Envirotown. The entire north facing roof is solar voltaic panels. The structural design of the castle is planned to capture and store passive heat, with insulation on the outside and concrete on the inside. We were shown the complicated system for the natural heating and cooling of the castle with movement of air and with tanks of water in the basement to act as heat stores. The castle is self sufficient in energy and water with everything controlled electronically. Fascinating - not to mention the portcullis, drawbridge, oubliette etc! The Chapmans have planted a whole hillside with natives and are putting in tracks which will eventually be open to the public. Thank you so much to Dennis and Debbie.

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