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The Reserve has nearly completed its main planting programme with a focus on ecosourced native plant species that provide suitable habitat for birds, lizards and insects. As the plants grow, the native plants will provide animal species with food and shelter, contributing to a functioning ecosystem.

In the meantime, some help will be given to ‘kick start’ the habitat by using artificial refuges to support and encourage colonisation of the reserve Wooden discs, weta motels, and lizard lodges will be placed throughout the reserve to provide safe refuges from predators, to encourage population colonisation and to increase biodiversity.

An area of interest and future research will consider the small things that matter, the invertebrates. Although invertebrates make up the greatest biodiversity on earth (>95%), they are often the forgotten fauna despite their key ecological roles in the ecosystem (e.g. nutrient cycling, aeration of the soil, seed dispersal, pollination, etc.). People rarely observe their diversity and beauty because many invertebrates are small or insufficient local habitat exists. 

Although the Mahoe Reserve is being restored with native plant species, it is important to recognise the contribution of some introduced species in the area such as blue gum. These provide both shelter for native seedlings and a food source for visiting nectar feeders such as bellbirds. The introduced exotic trees will be gradually removed from the Reserve as the native plants become more established.

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