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education.jpgMahoe Reserve provides educational opportunities for the local and wider community. Originally initiated by Lincoln High School Year 9 students in 2002, the reserve has been developed as a living classroom where school students, along with their friends and families, have the opportunity to participate in a regeneration project. 

Children from local pre-schools, Scouts and Primary School are involved in planting days, while students from Lincoln High School volunteer their time. Those involved become more aware of environmental issues such as biodiversity and sustainability. Environmental organisations are encouraged to be involved in a range of science-based activities such as researching changes to plant, bird, reptile and invertebrate communities. Link to Mahoe Activity sheets.


Interpretation plaques provide visitors with an understanding of the complex, ecological relationships that exist in New Zealand's natural indigenous forests and restored urban sites. Community awareness is important for the long-term survival of many species in highly modified environments like Canterbury.

For example, the New Zealand native pigeon, or kereru, currently threatened by habitat loss and under pressure from mammalian predators, play a key role in balancing forest ecosystems. As the only disperser of large seeds such as karaka, tawa and kohekohe, their presence is essential to maintain seedling regeneration. As a result of habitat modification Kereru are also impacted by limited food supply.

New Zealand native flax and kowhai provide essential energy supplies in the form of nectar to bellbird, tui and waxeye. These and many other plant species were highly regarded by Maori for medicinal and traditional resource use. 

The Mahoe Reserve is a model restoration site for the community, providing inspiration to achieve a wider aim—

to link regenerating native areas and corridors together to improve suitable habitat and increase biodiversity.

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