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Taking responsibility for a sustainable future.





  • To provide young people an outdoor classroom with an opportunity to participate in a community project that develops attitudes and values towards conservation of the natural environment.
  • To encourage local schools to undertake various ecological and environmental projects as part of their school curriculum. 
  • To provide an opportunity for the general public to learn about and enjoy the original natural environment of Lincoln.

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  •  To improve biodiversity by planting appropriate native plants that provide a food source, shelter and encourage native species to use Mahoe Reserve. 
  • To restore plants that are locally sourced so that they are genetically as close as possible to the original plants found in this area, so that a small area of the original forest can be recreated.
  •  To use simulated habitat refuges to support species establishment. 
  • To provide a link between other fragments to create wildlife corridors that will in the long term, assist the preservation of vulnerable species.  

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Pest Management:


  • To monitor the presence of mammalian predators such as rodents, mustelids (stoats, weasels and ferrets), hedgehogs, and possums using techniques such as tracking tunnels, wax tags etc.

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The Mahoe Reserve is a public reserve. Members of the community can get involved by helping at our work or planting days by contacting us.

The Mahoe Reserve Committee (a sub group of LET) welcome your comments on the objectives below.

Mike Bowie

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