Peak Meat

A Game Changer for Food Production, The Environment & Health

At the conclusion of the discussion, guests were given the opportunity to ask questions to the panellists and this is the part of the evening that you can listen to here.

This is an issue of worldwide importance. Intensive production of meat and milk is a major source of greenhouse gases, water pollution and soil degradation. Many people are turning to a vegetarian or vegan diet. However, food production is vital to New Zealand’s economy and to ensuring the world has enough to eat.

The discussion covered the following topics:

  • How will changes in demand, modern technology and an awareness of ethical, environmental and health issues affect our agricultural production? What are the impacts of meat and milk production?
  • People are eating less meat and dairy – why and what are the consequences on our environment, health, farmers, animal welfare and economy?
  • Is artificial meat going to take off?
  • Should we be planning for this?


Nick Pyke | Director | AgInnovate

Ronan Phelan | Vegan and Environmentalist

Jocelyn Eason | Food Innovation | Plant and Food Research

Kevin Marshall | Chairman | Riddet Institute

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