The Responsible Business Awards scheme was introduced in 2008 to encourage and support local businesses to become more environmentally sustainable.

Lincoln Envirotown have run successful awards since 2008, starting in Lincoln they are now Selwyn wide.  The survey is sent out to businesses in alternate years.

As businesses are all different, the rating is worked out as the percentage of possible actions that the business could undertake. Businesses are awarded a Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond certificate if they meet certain criteria.

The Process is undertaken as follows; a Responsible Business Assessor contacts a business, and explains the survey process. The business’s sustainable practices are discussed and assessed.  A feedback letter is sent to the business, with the main positives listed together with 3 suggestions for further improvement. Help is provided for improvement where possible.  Businesses achieving a bronze award and above are invited to the awards ceremony, an enjoyable and informative occasion that celebrates the excellent sustainable and community initiatives that are being undertaken by the businesses of Selwyn.

We publicise and promote local businesses for their sustainable practices and encourage people to support their local business community. We also hope the businesses will save money through good practice.

Businesses report the following benefits from participation:

• Recognition for current workplace practices.

• Connecting with people and resources that can help improve on current practices.

• Raise awareness of cost-effective workplace practices that help the planet and your profits at the same time.

• Free advertising of the business through the awards in local print and online media.

• Providing feedback to the Selwyn District Council on their waste management/recycling strategies.

• Seeing how their business compares to other businesses across the Selwyn area in terms of environmental footprint.

The Selwyn Responsible Business Network has been established as a means of providing information to businesses about sustainable practices and community involvement, and more importantly the sharing of ideas.

Three social events are planned during the year between surveys which feature guest speakers and discussions amongst the business community. A Facebook group has already been opened and businesses are encouraged to join the Selwyn Responsible Business Network.

Working together to achieve the highest level of sustainable business practices.

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