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Several links to information are listed below.

 Responsible Business Awards

 To find out more about our Resonsible Business awards click here.

 Sustainable Building

EECA - Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority
EECA Business Website
CEA - Community Energy Action
BRANZ - Greenhome scheme
Consumer Build - Green Homes
New Zealand Green Building Council
Earth Building Association of New Zealand
New Zealand Building Biology & Ecology Institute
Right House - free energy audits!

Green Urban Living
BUILDING RESILIENCE: What Can Communities Do? Chapter by  Rob Hopkins in The Post Carbon Reader - Managing the 21st Century’s Sustainability Crises
Greendog - eco: energy, insulation, heating

Rainline New Zealand - all about Rainwater! Water tank accessories, rain heads, first flush diverters, emergency rainwater storage, tank gauges and accessories.

Sustainable Building Guide
Designing Building a New Home


 Sustainable Architects

Russell Devlin - Christchurch architect specialising in passive solar design
Roger Buck & Associates - 03-366 6888 - 47 Hereford St Christchurch

 Sustainable Gardening and Landscaping

Grow Green (Austin, Texas)
Read LET's own planting guide for native plants in Lincoln!


 Sustainable Eating

Localvores, a website that is dedicated to "locavores" (people who eat locally grown food), and his goal is to try and encourage eating locally produced food.
Carrots in the car park. Radishes on the roundabout. The deliciously eccentric story of the town growing ALL its own veg

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 Low Impact Urban Design & Development (LIUDD)

Landcare Research
MFE Urban Design Protocol
Urban Design Research in NZ
Urban Ecology Programme Lincoln University


LET Native Planting Guide 2014

Backyard Biodiversity Booklet 2014



Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority
Environment Canterbury Energy
Energy Rating Guide (Australia)
Thermocell Solar Hot Water & Electricity
Solar Electric Specialists, Ltd.
NZ Photovoltaic Association
NZ Wind Energy Association
Solar Industries Association
Site of Robin and Steph and their wind turbine
Jaycar electronics has a very cheap wind turbine

Solametric ( make a Sun Eye device.
Voltmotive Ltd, Charging the Future. A local (Rolleston) company that builds electric cars. Make your next car an electric one!
Ecobulbs ( – reduce your electricity bill.
Distributed Energy Distribution by Orion.
Join the 100% Possible team.
Reinventing fire. Bold vision for a bright future.
Tokelau. The worlds first Solar Powered Nation.

 Climate Change

New Zealand Climate Change
ECAN Climate Change Report
Climate Change - What You Can Do (US EPA)
The CarboNZero programme

A Short video explaining climate change tipping points 

Weather data from a resident of Lincoln

Earth Hour 2015 Official Video


This "Films For Action" website is a great source of free online documentaries and video clips on environmental and social awareness and action.

Here's the link to a couple of documentaries worth watching:

"Distruption"documentary on Climate Change and the power of positive community action

"Do The Math" -  Bill McKibben (founder of



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 Enhancement & Restoration of Native Biodiversity

Mahoe Reserve Puzzles

Waihora Ellesmere Trust
DOC Motukarara Conservation Nursery
Environment Canterbury Resource Care
Ngai Tahu
New Zealand Landcare Trust
Kiwi Conservation Club

Weta Motels
Making Weta Motels

Southern Woods

Backyard Biodiversity Booklet 2014
Backyard Biodiversity Booklet WEB March 2011
Our Environment is a website designed to help you learn about the natural environments of New Zealand. Using the maps and data made available through Our Environment you can obtain answers to key questions about our natural environments and land resources.
LET Native Planting Guide 2010


Freshwater invertebrates: New web resource on freshwater invertebrates - while targeted at community groups doing stream monitoring, it's probably useful for anyone doing stream invertebrate work.


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 Sustainability Education in Lincoln

Isaac Centre for Nature Conservation at Lincoln University
    Urban Ecology Programme 
    Te Ara Kākāriki Greenway Canterbury
Lincoln University Environmental Organisation
Lincoln High School Environmental Organisation
Lincoln Kindergarten
Download the Lincoln Sustainability Game for schools and communities

 Sustainability in Canterbury

Impacts of Peak Oil and Climate Change on Council Services
Sustainable Otautahi Christchurch Inc.
Sustainability at the University of Canterbury
Future Living Expo
Selwyn District Council
Localeye - Canterbury Environmental Business
Lyttelton, portal to Canterbury’s historic past, a vibrant sustainable community creating a living future.
Canterbury Transition News
Lincoln New World Eco - Supermarket


 Sustainability in New Zealand

Ministry for the Environment
Sustainable Households Programme
The Natural Step
Sustainable Business Network
Sustainability in Auckland
Sustainability Challenge - what is your next step?
- environmentally Sustainable and Socially Responsible Finance
envormation - science based | environmental | information - information on the environmental impact of products and services


 Sustainability for Business

 Click to find out about our Responsible Business Awards.

 The Enviro-Mark NZ Program

This site has lots of free tips on how to be more sustainable and includes a recycling directory.

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 Sustainability Education

We have 5 “Enviroschools” in Lincoln - Lincoln High, Lincoln Primary, Kidsfirst Kindergartens Lincoln, Jigsaws Preschool and Lincoln University Early Childcare Centre. Listen to this programme about the work of the Enviroschools movement and the philosophies that inspire it.
Toi Toi Manawa - Centre for Environmental Learning and Innovation - a Whitecliffs-based organization facilitating educational opportunities and building working examples of sustainable agriculture and living


 Sustainability overseas

By Example - The quest for sustainable living
Wiser Earth
New Scientist - scientific facts about the environment - UK magazine.
Sustainability resources from Environment Canada
Earlham Energy Awareness Project

Snaffle Up - recycling to keep useful items out of landfill
The Climate Leadership Initiative (CLI) from the University of Oregon
Eco – driving check out
Green OR Growth Is Not the Question - British Business

 Sustainable Recreation and Travel

Consumer's Institute - Fuel Efficiency/Emissions Resources
Little River Rail Trail


 Water Conservation - “Save up to 500 litres of water and leave your car and the environment shining with an Eco Performance Waterless Car Groom.”


Disposal of electronic waste - Ministry for the Environment
Good ideas on how to reduce waste at home or in your office/business fun video on why we should limit our consumerism! Guide to Worm Farming,   In 2008 Waveney Warth & Matthew Luxon decided to try and avoid contributing to this growing problem by setting themselves a challenge of living for a year without sending anything to landfill.  This site documents what they learnt  and has lots of good links for reducing waste.

Results of ZeroWaste Challenge 2009
Results of Zero Waste Challenge 2010

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 Carbon and ecological footprint calculators

Landcare Research NZ - has a version for NZ
Other ecological footprint calculator, great info, but nothing on NZ yet
Conservation International
Calculators and hints


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