Responsible Business Awards 2021!

Photo: Norio Nakai of Bento Ninja receives the Selwyn Responsible Business Award Trophy from Cllr Debra Hasson.

We’re excited to be running the Responsible Business Awards this year! We want to help create an environmentally conscious and supportive community, so every two years Lincoln Envirotown with support from Selwyn District Council, holds the Responsible Business Awards and the Responsible Education Awards to reward the amazing work that’s already being done in the Selwyn District.

The awards help encourage businesses and schools to make their practices as environmentally and socially responsible as possible. They also provide a perfect opportunity to get support and advice on how to improve the practices of schools and businesses.

Any school or business in Selwyn can enter the awards, and we will visit the site to ask about its operations. We provide detailed feedback and ongoing support for making businesses more sustainable, and at the end of October we host an enjoyable awards evening to bring the community together to celebrate the successes of the winners in each category.

Please encourage your favourite local businesses to join in, we’d love to reward their efforts! If you run a business or school in Selwyn, we’re excited to hear from you. Contact: Siana Fitzjohn on 0225486143 or email


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