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Solarchitect - Russell Devlin

The value of working with Solarchitect is in our understanding of sustainable design and the acknowledged expertise in Energy Architecture.

Energy effectiveness a term developed by this Practice, energy effectiveness is the next step. Buildings need their energy requirements to be designed for and for these to be managed by the property owner. Working from Passive solar principles, integrating natural light, solar technology and fresh air in to the whole design is part of this concept.

Roger Buck & Assoc.

Roger Buck & Associates

Address: 47 Hereford St, Christchurch
Phone: (03) 366 6888


Sustainable Design

As a company, Sustainable Design strives for environmental excellence. Not only in the buildings we design, but also in our day-to-day business operation, we work towards taking no more from the environment than we can replace.

Our company values reflect our ethos, and the way we conduct our day-to-day business and The buildings we create are as sustainable as we are able within the parameters of our brief.

The impact our company makes on the planet is as small as we can make it, including Using fuel-efficient vehicles, and using them as little as possible. We use public transport whenever possible. Using the most environmentally friendly paper stock we are able to. Using electrical appliances which are as energy-efficient as possible, and are switched off when not in use and Creating a healthy environment in our office to allow our team to be healthy.


Ebode ebode is a one stop shop providing architecturally designed and built homes for New Zealanders who want to live sustainably while still enjoying the richness of everything that life has to offer.

Founded, developed and run by designers who truly walk the talk when it comes to sustainable living, every part of an ebode - from the design to the construction materials and finishes - is carefully scrutinised to ensure that it measures up to our own high standards before we think it's good enough for you.

ebode homes can be selected from a range of standard designs, or our ebode studio team can custom design an ebode to suit your unique needs.