More Fruit Trees for Primary Schools

More Fruit Trees for Primary Schools

Early in the fruit tree planting season Aaron Bartlett and his team from the Outdoor Space set off again to deliver and plant fruit trees provided free to Primary Schools courtesy of the Lincoln Envirotown Trust with the support of a number of Rolleston businesses.

This project is in its fourth year which means that many schools now have 40 additional trees in their grounds. The team delivered 211 trees this year which is a small increase on previous years. It is pleasing to see so many schools benefiting from the generosity of this group of businesses.

As seems to be the case each year –  the process was not without its drama as it started with the delivery truck becoming stuck at Outdoor Space’s premises and requiring the services of a substantially sized tow truck to extricate it.

Next year is the last year of the scheme and hopefully schools will soon start enjoying the fruit.

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