Explore Our Wetlands – KidsFest

Ticket sales start on Tuesday 2 June at 9am.

– Come on a journey into our exciting wetlands.

– Discover which animals live in them and what grows around them.

– Find out where our wetlands are and why they are important.

– Make all these discoveries, through a variety of craft and science activities.

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Establishing a Native Garden

  There are four basic steps to establishing a native garden, they are: PLAN, PREPARE, PLANT and PROTECT.

This workshop will cover these steps, using the Mahoe Reserve, as an example, and will include a short visit to this nearby native planting area.



Our presenters:

Fiona Waghorn is an experienced horticulturalist, who has run her own nursery for 10 years. Fiona now manages the Living Streams Community Nursery Trust which grows eco-sourced native plants;

Dr Sue Jarvis was the foundation Chair of the Lincoln Envirotown Trust and was a driving force behind the establishment of the Mahoe Reserve on Boundary Road, and the Lincoln Envirotown Community Gardens.


Please park on the street.

Gold coin donation requested to support the Community Gardens.


Our Sponsors

A big thank you to our wonderful sponsors!

We extend our sincere appreciation to all our sponsors, Rata Foundation, Selwyn District Council, COGS, Lottery Community, Lincoln University and CDHB.

Good Advice for Businesses

Good Advice for Businesses

We hosted a very successful meeting of businesses who have shown an interest in a Selwyn Responsible Business Network in Rolleston on the last day of October.

People from local businesses were invited to a social occasion and treated to two high calibre presentations which examined concepts of sustainable practices relating to Power Use and Waste Management. Many of the ideas discussed looked at the cost cutting possibilities that result from adopting more sustainable practices, while others emphasised general environmental concerns.

Richard Briggs the Programme Partnership Manager of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) surprised the audience with the statistic that businesses typically waste up to 20% of the energy they use; most solutions to this problem are low or no cost solutions which look to making current processes more efficient before looking at any replacement of infrastructure.

He strongly suggested that businesses should start looking at the possibilities of making savings by undertaking an energy audit to really assess how much power is being used and where. Details of funding bodies that could help with long term solutions were also shared.

The second presentation by Andrew Boyd the Waste and Recycling Manager at Selwyn District Council gave some real insight into the recycling situation around the world and its impact on Selwyn. He explained how the old model of using resources to produce the things we need, and then discarding them as waste, cannot be sustained.

The concept of the Circular Economy whereby resources are used in production and then reused was examined with numerous examples cited. Andrew also advised on good recycling habits and gave an insight into the difficulties of the processes.

The evening was an enjoyable occasion and people took plenty of useful information away with them.

We would like to thank the Selwyn District Council for supporting this initiative.

Click the link for more information about the network and to join the conversation –  Selwyn Responsible Business Network