Trees into Schools

Five Year Project Transforms Selwyn Primary Schools

Two photos tell the story of the difference that a business initiative undertaken with Lincoln Envirotown have made to the grounds of Selwyn’s Primary Schools. In the first picture the Weedons student Sharria Rangihuna attends the planting of the first tree with then Deputy Mayor Sarah Walters and the driving force behind the initiative, Alan Peacock from Independent Signs; in the second Sharria and Alan stand beneath the same tree five years later.

Five years ago, in 2014 during a visit from a Responsible Business Coordinator from Lincoln Envirotown, Alan voiced the idea of an initiative to put fruit trees into the Primary Schools of Selwyn District. He gathered a group of businesses who were willing to support such an initiative, sponsoring up to ten trees for each school every year for five years. 

An important partner in the project was Aaron Bartlett whose company The Outdoor Space undertook to deliver the trees purchased, and advise the students on their planting. The students played a significant role in determining the placing, planting and use of the fruit in years to come.

Most of our Primary Schools have benefited immensely from this undertaking including new schools that came into existence after 2015 when it all started.

This five-year project has now finished and Lincoln Envirotown would like to thank the following for their support during every year of this hugely sustainable and community driven project:


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