Clothes Swap

This popular event takes place every year in November at the Lincoln Event Centre.  Last year it was hugely successful with the biggest display of clothes, shoes and accessories to date. There is no payment for entry or clothes.

The event provides a chance to enjoy changing one’s wardrobe, as well as keeping resources circulating. Some derive great benefit in being able to provide some additional family clothes.

Textiles are a major contributing element to landfill and the longer that we are able to keep them in circulation the better. It is a means of helping reduce the negative impacts of the fashion industry on our environment.

How it works. People are encouraged to bring their clothing items (those that we all have, unused in our cupboards) and drop them off at designated drop-off points in Selwyn. Those who do these early drop-offs are given an “Early Bird” ticket which entitles them and one other, to early entry on the evening.

This is probably the event that absorbs more volunteer time than any other. The process is akin to getting in stock, and then setting up a huge clothing store for only a few hours and then disbanding it. The amount of superb volunteer help that is received for many weeks before and then on the evening has maintained this as one of our best and biggest happenings.  Our very grateful thanks go to everyone involved for their efficiency and hard work.


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