Exploring Waste Management

Selwyn Timebank head to ReDiscover Waste and Sustainability Centre.

A group from Selwyn Timebank recently visited the ReDiscover Waste and Sustainability Centre outside of Rolleston. An introduction to how different materials break down in a natural environment led down a different pathway for the intended workshop!

There was great interest in how our waste is managed. What can and can’t be recycled? What needs to be thrown away? What is considered green waste? There were many questions and quite a few surprises for those who attended. The means of separating into three groups (landfill, recyclable and green waste) was discussed. Some items were assumed to be recyclable, but the answer was a sure no on a closer look at what it was made from. Other things could be recycled because what it was made from would ultimately be separated. A video was watched on this whole process – and what a lengthy process it is! The results of the formation of landfills and what happens to recycled materials were also presented.

A guided tour was embarked upon of the Pines Resource Recovery Park, where areas are highly organised into recyclable material and other waste. In the soon-to-be future, a second-hand store will be open to the public along with other possible exciting plans, in the hope it will become a central hub for helping to recover the environment. There is already a community garden underway which has become a valuable educational resource.

Finally, the visit included making beeswax wraps to take home.

There is so much to learn about what we can do better in our own homes. Each participant admitted that they learnt something new and will endeavour to put into practice what they took on board. A visit to this place is a definite must – there will be another Selwyn Timebank group going soon!

Making Beeswax Wraps

Tour of the Recovery Park

To find out more, get in touch with Fiona, Selwyn Timebank Coordinator

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