The Selwyn Responsible Business Network was set up to help Selwyn businesses and organisations become more socially and environmentally responsible.


The Responsible Business Network is committed to helping Selwyn Businesses & Schools become more social and environmentally conscious. The network connects local businesses that are interested in making positive changes. We want to work with more businesses to help them solve challenges and connect with the community.

There are no costs involved so anyone interested in becoming part of the network we offer:

  • our research and time to help you solve problems and navigate barriers to more responsible practices
  • stories in local papers and social media platforms to publicise your environmental efforts
  • workshops on community and economic resilience
  • invitations to our events throughout the year

If you are an organisation in Selwyn and would like to join a network of people committed to better practices, we’d love to hear from you!

We want to support local businesses using the following principles:

Regenerating ecosystems

We value restoring the living world. Earth’s ecosystems are in decline or collapse. Any act that protects and supports biodiversity (in our gardens, farms, and wild places) supports the life-giving capacity of the biosphere.

Supportive communities

We all benefit from an inclusive, supportive community. Whether it’s a book club at your local cafe, football at the domain, or a planting day; we value initiatives that improve mental health and wellbeing. We’re stronger together.

Sustainable economie$

Sustainable economies adhere to limits of our natural world. They create living wages, job stability, and resilient, flexible enterprises. We value economic activity that limits material waste while promoting social wellbeing.

Our aim is to help businesses shift their practices towards an intersection of these values. It’s no small task, but it’s important. We’ll provide practical advice and resources to help Selwyn businesses become more responsible and resilient, connecting organisations and businesses together to solve problems and share ideas.


We’re excited to be running the Responsible Business Awards this year! We want to help create an environmentally conscious and supportive community, so every two years Lincoln Envirotown with support from Selwyn District Council, holds the Responsible Business Awards and the Responsible Education Awards to reward the amazing work that’s already being done in the Selwyn District.

The Awards scheme was introduced in 2008 to encourage and support local businesses to become more environmentally sustainable. Starting in Lincoln they are now Selwyn wide. The awards help encourage businesses and schools to make their practices as environmentally and socially responsible as possible. They also provide a perfect opportunity to get support and advice on how to improve the practices of schools and businesses.

Any school or business in Selwyn can enter the awards, and we will visit the site to ask about its operations. We provide detailed feedback and ongoing support for making businesses more sustainable, and at the end of October we host an enjoyable awards evening to bring the community together to celebrate the successes of the winners in each category.

As businesses are all different, the rating is worked out as the percentage of possible actions that the business could undertake. Businesses are awarded a Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond certificate if they meet certain criteria.

The Process is undertaken as follows; a Responsible Business Assessor contacts a business, and explains the survey process. The business’s sustainable practices are discussed and assessed.  A feedback letter is sent to the business, with the main positives listed together with 3 suggestions for further improvement. Help is provided for improvement where possible.  Businesses achieving a bronze award and above are invited to the awards ceremony, an enjoyable and informative occasion that celebrates the excellent sustainable and community initiatives that are being undertaken by the businesses of Selwyn.

We publicise and promote local businesses for their sustainable practices and encourage people to support their local business community. We also hope the businesses will save money through good practice.

Please encourage your favourite local businesses to join in, we’d love to reward their efforts! If you run a business or school in Selwyn, we’re excited to hear from you. 

Click to find out more or to register your interest in joining the awards and network.

Businesses report the following benefits from participation:

• Recognition for current workplace practices.

• Connecting with people and resources that can help improve on current practices.

• Raise awareness of cost-effective workplace practices that help the planet and your profits at the same time.

• Free advertising of the business through the awards in local print and online media.

• Providing feedback to the Selwyn District Council on their waste management/recycling strategies.

• Seeing how their business compares to other businesses across the Selwyn area in terms of environmental footprint.


Solutions to businesses.

Sustainable Business Network
Circular Economy
Redesigning, reducing carbon, regenerate nature, extending lifespan, recycling or composting, sharing & trading existing resources.

Sustainability Reporting Software
Carbon emission, energy, waste and water management, social procurement.

Community Engagement
Suppliers connected to Upstream donate part of any payment to specified charities.

Commercial Composting of Ecoware Products
Canterbury Landscape Supplies, CHCH South community garden, CCC Living Earth processing plant.

The Packaging Forum
Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme
Soft Plastic Recycling Network with membership fees.

Gen Less
Low Carbon Economy
Examines carbon emissions. The resource allows measuring impact, creating an emissions plan, etc.

2022 Awards

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We would like to thank all the businesses and schools that participated in the 2022 Awards along with our supporters that made it possible.

Network Coordinator

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We are looking for a person to coordinate the Responsible Business Network and Award Scheme for all areas of Selwyn.


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Photos from previous events and awards.

Working together we can achieve the highest level of sustainable business practices.

If you are a business in Selwyn and would like to join a network of people committed to better practices, we’d love to hear from you!

The Responsible Business Network is a Lincoln Envirotown Trust initiative.

Thanks to the Selwyn District Council for their support.