Water Testing

Liffey Stream Water Testing, Lincoln

Place of test: 2468453E, 5729808N

Lincoln Envirotown are lucky enough to be joined every year by Waterwatch, Wai Kaitiaki to test the water in the Liffey Stream in Lincoln.  The event, is organised with three school levels (Pre-school, Primary School, and High School) and each group had its own set of activities all aimed at maintaining an awareness of keeping our environment as pristine as possible.

Kidsfirst Lincoln set about picking up as much rubbish as could be found on the domain surrounding the upper Liffey River. The rubbish collected is then carefully sorted into yellow, green or red buckets.

The Enviro Group from one of the Primary School’s assess the water quality by collecting water from the river and seeing what tiny living creatures are there (indicator invertebrates). ¬†They are also shown how to test water health by measuring oxygen levels with the equipment and expertise provided by Waterwatch. The High School arrive last and complete the more elaborate testing on the river water, the results of which are shown below.

Whilst all the activities are pursued with enthusiasm and interest, it is fair to say that the most interest and enthusiasm is reserved for the lunch provided afterwards, which is very much enjoyed after everyone had endeavored, in their own small way, to keep a part of New Zealand beautiful.

Liffey Stream Test Results