Selwyn Responsible Business Network Welcomes New Coordinator

and is looking forward to an exciting 2024.

We have recently been privileged to make the appointment of Maree Hamilton to the position of Selwyn Responsible Network Coordinator. Maree has recently returned from Europe and brings extensive experience from working on large business sustainability projects there. Maree has already begun engaging with local businesses and is looking forward to continued dialogue with the business community regarding their environmental and community initiatives.

The Selwyn Responsible Business Network aims to provide supportive contact with Selwyn’s businesses. Through discussion, sharing of best practices, initiatives and experiences we can enhance environmental sustainability and community resilience. As public awareness of these issues continues to grow we look forward to informing people about the excellent work being done by our local businesses.

2024 is a Selwyn Responsible Business Awards Year and we look forward to celebrating the endeavors of local organisations in environmental stewardship and community engagement.

These awards are held every two years. In 2022 the awards showcased around 80 enterprises.

“The Awards process is very straightforward with a visit and a chat rather than any form filling” explains Maree. “We hope many businesses will take the opportunity to share their achievements and be recognised for their sustainability commitments.”

The network is excited to collaborate and celebrate with Selwyn’s business community on building a more sustainable, resilient future.

To learn more about the Selwyn Responsible Business Network or the 2024 Awards contact Maree Hamilton.

Responsible Business Network Coordinator

022 438 4496



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