Repair Cafe

October 28 @ 10:30 am 1:30 pm


🛠️ Join Us at the FREE Repair Café! 🛠️

Is your bicycle gathering dust in the garage? Do you have a toaster that’s lost its spark? Don’t toss them out just yet! We’re excited to announce our Repair Café event at Te Ara Atea, where we’re giving new life to your ageing or broken items.Our skilled volunteers will be on hand to help repair a variety of items, from bikes to electronics, clothing to household appliances, and more.

Here’s what we’re planning:

 🚲 Bicycle repairs by the expert from Fix ur Ride.

💻 Computers by TechMate: Bring your computer-related issues for diagnosis and solutions.

🔌 Electrical & Electronics including, Household Appliances: The appliance specialists from Ecotech Services and Molten Media will be able to assist.

👚 Clothing: Our talented volunteer seamstresses will mend your favourite garments.

💍 Jewellery repairs to bring your favourite pieces back to life.

🛠️ General Repairs: If it’s broken, we’ll do our best to fix it!

Please Register:

To help us help you, please register for this free event. Provide a brief description of the issue and the item(s) you need repairing. This way, our volunteer repairers can come prepared with the right tools and parts. We would appreciate it if items are brought in no later than 1 PM to give our repairers time to take a look. If you haven’t registered you can still come along on the day.

Last time, we achieved 100 successful repairs, including household appliances, clothing, toys, and bicycles coming out of garages and finding their way back to usefulness.

Let’s work together to reduce waste, promote sustainability, and revive your items!

We look forward to seeing you at the Repair Café event and giving your belongings a new lease of life.

This project is not offering professional services. Whilst they have some experience, volunteers are aiming to attempt repairs as they deem them to be possible or to offer advice on the undertaking of professional repairs. Lincoln Envirotown Trust cannot be held liable for any loss, damage or accident arising from the repair process or to the use of the item subsequently.

🖥️ TechMate: Repair & Rehome

TechMate will not only be providing repairs for your computers, but we’re excited to introduce a special initiative – Donation & Rehoming.

TechMate will also be collecting pre-loved laptops for repair and delivery to deserving causes. If you have an unused laptop or know someone who does, consider contributing to this wonderful cause. Let’s give these devices a second life where they can make a difference!

Important Details:

🔒 Data Privacy. Rest assured, all donated devices will be wiped clean of any data. Please remember to back up any information you want to keep before handing it over.

⌛ Device Age. We’re primarily seeking laptops that are no older than seven years old.

💻 Laptop Donations: Currently, we are only accepting laptops. If you have one that’s looking for a new home, bring it to us.

📋 Leave Your Details: If you choose to donate, leave your contact information with TechMate. They’ll keep you in the loop about what happens with your device, so you can follow its journey to a new purpose.

Join us in making a positive impact through technology. 🌟

Our Volunteers

Ecotech Services

Ecotech Services is a technology repair, recycling, and sales company based in Christchurch.  Alan Liefting, the Managing Director, has over 30 years experience in repairing a wide range of electrical and electronics items. Alan is an experienced technician and registered electrical worker.

Fix ur ride

Providing, service, maintenance and assembly to all kind of bikes: mtb, road, big or small, new or old
Esteban is a qualified mechanic with years of experience in bike repairs.

Molten Media

Molten Media Trust is a registered charity which promotes ethical recycling of electronic equipment and computers with an ultimate goal of zero waste to landfill.
We refurbish and sell systems and parts or dismantle and dispose of the component parts diverting 80-90% from landfill.


TechMate is dedicated to closing the digital divide by helping those who have found themselves left behind by technology. We help people keep their devices running by offering basic device repairs for free and donate second-hand laptops to those who need them. Ensuring that devices stay out of landfill and can be useful for years to come. We also do free one-on-one learning sessions for those looking to learn more about using phones, laptops or anything technology-related. In addition to doing our best to help.

Workspace Studios

They have been providing classes and support for jewellers and makers across Aotearoa for 19 years. Their workshops strive to be environmentally friendly, keeping processes as sustainable as possible and constantly looking for ways to improve. Dedicated to using recycled metals, ethical gems, and working with minimal plastic use. 

Sewing & General Repairs

We also have several volunteers bringing along sewing machines for your fabric repairs.

General repairers will also be on hand with volunteers from the Men’s Shed.

Contact Lincoln Envirotown Trust

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Te Ara Ātea

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One Hundred Items Brought to Repair Café

One Hundred Items Brought to Repair Cafe!

Fantastic Celebration of World Repair Day 2022

The people of Selwyn brought no fewer than 100 household items to be repaired at the Repair Café held at Te Ara Atea on Saturday 15th October 2022. Nearly all of these were restored to their former usefulness free of charge; where this could not be done advice was offered on the necessary course of action.

We are indebted to the volunteer repairers who gave up this weekend day. Six people repairing electrical appliances, two people and their machines sewing, one person offering general repairs to anything, one repairing jewellery and one bicycle repairer were kept busy throughout the event, and many ended up doing overtime. Very grateful thanks to our repairers for their mahi.

The number of people who offered their thanks and requested more of such events, along with those who asked to be on the repairing teams in future were testimony to the day’s success and hopefully to a growing awareness that simply throwing household items away is to our environment’s detriment.

Electrical Appliances always require a lot of work partly because they are some of the main items brought in, but also because most of them require lengthy repair time. One old sewing machine was being worked on for the best part of the day. We had six people working on these and it was a continuous operation. So, thanks to Alan and Ben from Ecotech Services, Rudy from Molten Media Trust, and volunteers Lindsay, Mike, and Jack who worked tirelessly on these.

General Repairs – we are always lucky to have Lee taking care of these and ensuring that such things as umbrellas, toys, and a few electrical items were restored to their former glory.

Bicycles again Esteban from Fix Ur Ride was on hand with his trailer repairing bikes and offering tuition to the younger owners on how to do some of their own repairs.

Clothing. There is always a steady stream of people needing items of clothing repaired so Heather and Cheryn and their machines were kept steadily busy throughout the event.

Jewellery – last year several people requested that we add this, and we were lucky enough to have Sally from Warrens Agencies on hand to help a good number retain their precious items. We will certainly retain this feature in the future.

With large numbers of people and items for repair flooding into the room, we relied on great work from our volunteers for making sure repairs were registered, items ticketed, and directed to the correct station.