The Power of Essential Oils

A member of Selwyn Timebank recently ran a workshop on the benefits of essential oils. It was very informative and opened our minds to the numerous advantages of these oils, and how they can impact health and wellbeing. The timebank member was very knowledgeable and had years of experience working with essential oils for herself, her family and many others.

Firstly, she took us through the safe use of essential oils (including using them with children and babies) and how they can be applied topically, aromatically and internally (if you are unsure about the correct way to apply them, please ask someone knowledgeable first, such as our timebank member). We were also taken through how to begin the journey with essential oils. We can begin with the basic oils initially, then move on to more oils and creating blends (there are ‘recipes’ online, especially with reputable companies who sell the purest forms of oils). Essential oils support healthy skin and hair, can help with breathing and illnesses and are even very useful in the first aid kit. They can also be used around the house for cleaning, in cooking and baking, in the car, and even while you are travelling. They are great everywhere!

Not all essential oils have been created equally – they may or may not be pure (again, ask someone who knows). It is also very important to speak to your doctor if you are on any long term medications or have serious conditions.

At the workshop, we started talking about different topics of interest and experiences, and soon found out that we all had something to share! Please feel encouraged to offer workshops where you may be able to share new knowledge and skills with other members – this is what timebank is for!

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