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KidsFest Craft & Science Event

Annual KidsFest Craft & Science Event LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS PUT ON EXCELLENT HOLIDAY EVENT Friends in the Forest, July 2023 We would like to thank those rangatahi from Lincoln High School who gave up holiday time to organise and assist with our annual craft and science day for children and families. Sixteen students made themselves…

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Fungi in your Garden

Fungi In Your Garden Friends and Foes If you missed the recent presentation by Wendy Kentjens on fungi, here are a few tips from the well attended workshop that took place in April. While we have useful fungi such as mushrooms and yeasts, Wendy devoted most of her talk to dealing with problem fungi. Here…

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Plastic – How Do We Live With It?

Kim Hill Hot Topic 2024 If you missed this year’s Kim Hill Hot Topic: “PLASTIC – How Do We Live With It” you can now watch it on YouTube. Thanks to Lincoln High School for filming the event where Kim Hill leads a panel of experts to delve into the issues surrounding plastic usage. Once…

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The Power of Essential Oils

A member of Selwyn Timebank recently ran a workshop on the benefits of essential oils. It was very informative and opened our minds to the numerous advantages of these oils, and how they can impact health and wellbeing. The timebank member was very knowledgeable and had years of experience working with essential oils for herself,…

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Mini BioBlitz at the Mahoe Reserve

Mini BioBlitz at the Mahoe Reserve City Nature Challenge 2024 On Sunday 28 April, we held a thoroughly enjoyable and hopefully, informative and educational, Mini Bioblitz at the Mahoe Reserve. The weather cooperated and over 60 people of all ages searched the trails of the reserve identifying the flora and fauna and registering their findings…

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