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Timebanking in a nutshell…

Why a timebank?

A brief history of timebanking

The five core values:

Isn’t timebanking like volunteering?

What can I offer?

How do time credits work?

Can produce/goods/tools/resources be traded?

But what if I don’t have any time credits? Or I have negative time credits?

What about tax?

Can members be compensated for expenses?

What if I trade with more than one person at a time?

Neighbourhoods in Selwyn

Lincoln Envirotown Trust

How safe is Selwyn Timebank?

What if a member is hurt or injured during a trade?

How do I go about advertising what I can offer and what I need help with? And who records the credits?

Can I have a look at some examples of offers and requests?

Who coordinates Selwyn Timebank?

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